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It is with great pleasure that we launch the American Confocal Group. 

The technology sector has made leaps and bounds over the past decades and this has been mirrored, albeit in slower motion, by substantive changes in diagnostic medicine. Non-invasive tools aiding diagnosis have been the bedrock of modern medicine- from the early stethoscopes to X-rays, and the plethora of modern imaging devices now readily available. 

The gold standard for diagnosis has been tissue sampling for microscopic examination. While the latter remains true, we are now able to achieve near microscopic examination resolution without the prior necessity of obtaining tissue through biopsy with the careful application of laser reflective technology.

In skin diagnosis, this translates into a painless photographic experience for patients while still providing microscopic images for accurate diagnoses. Reflectance Confocal Microscopy is the tool that achieves this goal.

Skin cancers are the most common malignancies in the U.S with significant morbidity, and screening is a mainstay service of dermatology providers. Non-invasive microscopic imaging has the potential to transform the delivery of this service in positive ways for patients and providers alike.

Our mission at the American Confocal Group is to promote public awareness of this new technology, educate medical specialists through training and research opportunities, and successfully integrate the technology into the routine of clinical offices and their revenue cycle management.

We welcome you into this exciting phase of skin diagnosis with us!