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4th Annual NIDI Skin Spring Symposium

Over three days in the remarkable spring weather in NYC, NIDISkin institute launched its 4th annual Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Reader’s course. It was a great success with impressive attendance mirroring the ever increasing practice of and interest in confocal microscopy in the wider dermatology and dermatopathology communities.

International and American experts led the faculty in delivering concise, well received lectures and didactic sessions aimed at optimal capture, interpretation, and clinical integration of confocal microscopy.

A leading figure of confocal microscopy on the world stage, Professor Giovanni Pellacani, delivered key lectures at the course and has now become an advisor for the American Confocal Group.
In addition, the scientific poster and oral presentation competition demonstrated the importance of continuing scientific research in the improvement and wider applications for Confocal Microscopy. We look forward to the upcoming confocal microscopy educational courses and conferences in September (MSK Confocal Course) and in October (NIDI Fall Symposium).